Volume XVIII

A Worldwide Focus

IW World is the official publication of the Federation of Irish Wolfhound Clubs, F.I.W.C.. As such, its mission is to share information between member nations, and by extension, provide information of interest to IW breeders and owners worldwide.

Our focus will be on history, networking, and learning from breeders in the past and those experienced in the present to enrich future generations. We’ll also offer coverage of show and performance events around the world, as well as interviews with breeders, judges, and veterinarians.

The center section of the magazine will be devoted to health studies and research from all countries, with the hope that by combining forces and information, the researchers will be able to accomplish their goals faster, offering higher recovery rates, better preventative options, and greater comfort to afflicted hounds and their owners. To this end, the magazine offers free ads to health studies.

Finally, it is our hope that through advertising, the magazine will eventually serve as a breeder and stud directory which will aid Irish Wolfhound breeders and enthusiasts alike in finding and communicating with one another.

We hope you enjoy IW World and welcome your comments.

FIWC & IW World Calendar

We offer a colour table calendar which is designed to be used every year. In the calendar, photos by different photographers from various countries are used. The calendar contains 180 pages: one picture for two days.The size of the calendar is 24 cm x 17 cm.

Magazine subscribers receive one free calendar. If you wish to make a present to your friends, the calendar costs 28,-EUR, plus 11.50,-EUR postage expenses.


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